Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Road Fork and Whipple Sections - NCTA OH-105 Map No Longer Sold

- (07/25/2015) The NCTA no longer sells the OH-105 map that pertained to the Marietta Unit of the Wayne National Forest.  Whether it's still supported is unknown and unlikely.  The map is still accurate with one exception: the off-road trail does not extend west to the Hills - Hildreth Covered Bridge anymore.  This part of the route is only passable to the stills of NFS's grazing area on Laurel Hill Rd/ T302 for a dispersed camping opportunity.

 It is recommended that you use the current October 2010 edition of the Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail map and guide instead.  And the North Country Temporary Connector (NCTC) is concurrent with the Whipple Section's on-road route.  Contrary to the overview map on the 105, there isn't an on-road route to the City of Marietta.

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