Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Road Fork and Whipple Sections - Wayne NF 2003 Map

- (07/25/2015) This is an advisory concerning the 2003 edition of the USFS "Wayne National Forest" map.  It is currently incorrect as the trail is no longer routed through the Hills - Hildreth Covered Bridge.  Only the spur to the Lane Farm C from Cow Run Rd/ T19 remains of it.  The final road in the W was shutdown and it's easement with the township was pulled, making it private property.  Also, the map shows North Country being routed along OH-26 from the covered bridge to downtown Marietta.  The west terminator for the Whipple Section - BT/NCT's off-road trail is east of Brooks Rd/ T94 & Cow Run Rd/ T19.  The North Country Temporary Connector (NCTC) now officially runs concurrent with the remainder of the section (Whipple's on-road) to Stockport Section - BT, Pt. 07.

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