Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whipple Section - Spur to Lane Farm (Red Marked Trail)

Rebuilding the spur to Lane Farm is a long term project and it will be white blazed. As of 06/15/2015, it's only passable to NFS land on Laurel Hill Rd/ Twp Hwy 302.  The 10/2010 edition of the Whipple Section map shows a red marked trail, just east of Point 07.  The markers might look like the trail immediately goes off road and is routed through private property from that point and along the Little Muskingum River, but it's not the route.  To clarify the map, the spur is routed on Laurel Hill Rd/ Twp Hwy 302.  The NFS land is known as the "Patterson Tract."  It's a permit corn and grazing area, so at the middle of a 180° turn in the road, there is a brown colored, wooden fence with a gate.  That fence has a stills built in to the north of the gate so that hikers can pass through it.

Whipple Section - Tittle Run Rd/ T43

- Tittle Run/ Twp Hwy 43, between Points 07 & 08 is a 4WD road.  Between Little Eightmile Rd/ Town Hwy 31 & the before mentioned road, there are 3 fords, two of them are primitive.  This is alright to hike on, but I'd recommend that non-4WD automobiles by-pass Tittle Run Rd when traveling through the area through out the year.

Road Fork and Whipple Sections - Wayne NF 2003 Map

- (07/25/2015) This is an advisory concerning the 2003 edition of the USFS "Wayne National Forest" map.  It is currently incorrect as the trail is no longer routed through the Hills - Hildreth Covered Bridge.  Only the spur to the Lane Farm C from Cow Run Rd/ T19 remains of it.  The final road in the W was shutdown and it's easement with the township was pulled, making it private property.  Also, the map shows North Country being routed along OH-26 from the covered bridge to downtown Marietta.  The west terminator for the Whipple Section - BT/NCT's off-road trail is east of Brooks Rd/ T94 & Cow Run Rd/ T19.  The North Country Temporary Connector (NCTC) now officially runs concurrent with the remainder of the section (Whipple's on-road) to Stockport Section - BT, Pt. 07.

Road Fork and Whipple Sections - NCTA OH-105 Map No Longer Sold

- (07/25/2015) The NCTA no longer sells the OH-105 map that pertained to the Marietta Unit of the Wayne National Forest.  Whether it's still supported is unknown and unlikely.  The map is still accurate with one exception: the off-road trail does not extend west to the Hills - Hildreth Covered Bridge anymore.  This part of the route is only passable to the stills of NFS's grazing area on Laurel Hill Rd/ T302 for a dispersed camping opportunity.

 It is recommended that you use the current October 2010 edition of the Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail map and guide instead.  And the North Country Temporary Connector (NCTC) is concurrent with the Whipple Section's on-road route.  Contrary to the overview map on the 105, there isn't an on-road route to the City of Marietta.