Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whipple Section - Spur to Lane Farm (Red Marked Trail)

Rebuilding the spur to Lane Farm is a long term project and it will be white blazed. As of 06/15/2015, it's only passable to NFS land on Laurel Hill Rd/ Twp Hwy 302.  The 10/2010 edition of the Whipple Section map shows a red marked trail, just east of Point 07.  The markers might look like the trail immediately goes off road and is routed through private property from that point and along the Little Muskingum River, but it's not the route.  To clarify the map, the spur is routed on Laurel Hill Rd/ Twp Hwy 302.  The NFS land is known as the "Patterson Tract."  It's a permit corn and grazing area, so at the middle of a 180° turn in the road, there is a brown colored, wooden fence with a gate.  That fence has a stills built in to the north of the gate so that hikers can pass through it.

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